Matrix Ecosystem Naming Competition

Dear Community Members,

As you are well aware the Matrix ecosystem project is kicking off. This project aims to build a decentralised ecosystem using blockchain that democratises the creation of digital art and liberalises the ownership of artwork with a NFT so that anyone can participate in the creation and propagation of art and culture. It has a special focus on the art forms of painting, music, and literature.

Now, imagine this project together with the concepts below :

1. With the introduction of an AI Artist, a deep learning neural network can replace the roles of human artists and computer engineers. Anyone with the required knowledge, skills or resources can participate and contribute to the construction of an AI Artist. Similarly, anyone can also get involved in the creation of the artworks produced by these AI Artists.

2. Many problems currently exist within the centralised NFT marketplaces such as frauds, IP infringements, thefts etc. These can be resolved by this project, which has a decentralised system for minting and provides a trading platform for NFTs that is transparent and immutable.

3. This project also solves the problem of mutual trust between various parties in the exchange of artwork NFT. In this project, artworks are produced by AI Artists with the whole process of creation, storage, and trading, being all decentralised and thus resolves the trust problem in the formation and delivery of the NFT transaction.

4. By taking advantage of deep learning techniques, AI Artists can be trained to learn or mimic the great artistic styles of previous legendary grand masters, such as Van Gogh and Monet. As a result, the world has the chance to witness the “works” of these masters again. Yet, it does not compete with existing living artists. Instead, it is meant to bring about a new universe of digital arts beyond human imaginations.

With all these innovative ideas, the project team envisions to bring a new world to NFT, arts and AI. This must surely excite you?!

Now we are inviting you to play a part in its development. The project team is seeking help from the community to give a name to this project with collective wisdom.

Considering the background information listed above, we welcome you to submit suggested names using the official Telegram Channel. Some pointers to add. Having Matrix or MAN as part of the name is optional. It should be relevant to other projects in the ecosystem and be easy to remember and pronounce.

Details for submission are below :

1. Project name

2. Why you have chosen this name (a short motivation)

3. Your Telegram ID

Each person can submit up to three names. If the names are duplicated, the first entry, if chosen, will get the reward.

Please DM our admin @Bamboo88888888 on Telegram with the above details.

Duration : 19–11–2021 to midnight on 21–11–2021 (Beijing Time)

We will offer 500 MAN Coins to 3 screened names suggested by the Community.

The 3 screened names do not mean it will be the final and official name for the project but will be considered by the team.

We look forward to your ideas!

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.

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