Matrix Fun Fair 3

Dear Matrix Community Members,

The Fun Fair is well received and new members are here. We will start the third time of Fun Fair with detail as below :

1. Period: from 7th March to 15th March (GMT+8).

2. Winners: 200

3. Prize: 20,000 MAN Coins to be awarded to 200 winners randomly selected. Each winner will receive 100 MAN coins.

4. Actions needed:

1. Subscribe to Matrix’s Youtube Channel (1 Point),

2. Leave a Clap at Matrix’s Medium article (1 Point),

3. Create a MAN Wallet (2 Points), and

4. Share to friends (1 Point)

5. Link :

6. Misc:

1. Winners will be announced on 16 March

2. Distribution of prize will be around 10 April

3. The winners will have to be active in the official main telegram group from 7th March to 10th April, otherwise the prize will be forfeighted.

4. Winners using bots or any fraud tactics to gain points will be disqualified.

5. If ever, winners have the same points, the earlier time a winner reached the points will be selected.

6. MATRIX reserves all rights in this campaign.

Let’s welcome new members with this party.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.