Monthly AMA with Owen Tao

Transcript of November’s AMA between our CMTO Eric Choy and CEO Owen Tao

Eric: Hey, Matrix community members, today is the 24th of November and it’s time that we run another monthly AMA with our CEO Mr. Owen, who is sitting in the Beijing office, and I’m sitting in the Hong Kong office.

As usual, we will divide this AMA into two sections.The first part will be a recap of the work that we have done in November and then the second part we will move on to address some questions that we selected from the AMA questions of the list in the main group.

So without further ado, I know each one is ready here, we just get to that point.

So first of all, welcome Owen.

Owen: Hi Eric, hi community.

Eric: Could you give us a recap of the work that we have done in November?

I think you were a bit busy because we have another roadmap to meet for December, the last stage in our roadmap.

Could you give us some of the work that we have done to enlighten the whole community?

Owen: Okay, in this month, first of all, we have updated our monitor program for our blockchain explorer.

I think with that we can make our more stable for everyone to visit and use, and on the other hand, we have finished the exact design for about five more AI services to the DNN network.

After that, we have already started the training work.

I think by the end of December, we will add about five or four more AI services on the MANAS platform.

And also, we have for MANTA, we started the testing work, for the community this month. We also have added two auto machine learning
structures and that’s the many work for November of Matrix.

Eric: Thanks for sharing, Owen.

So just to align with the community, the MANTA testing is still in progress and we do have some parts that are spotted and we already relayed to the development team for them to resolve. I think all those parts will be resolved
within this week, so we will expect that and other tests for MANTA in early December, and as Owen just mentioned, we have an upgrade or an auto detection program installed for the tom.explorer and that saves me because from time to time I will get up, I will wake up by the messages saying that okay, the process is done, then I have to get it to the dev team so it saves my life.

Thanks Owen for that.

And I know there will be many more AI services that are running on the deep neural network, the DNN so called, so it will be very good and we expect that we deliver in December and we will have progress to update the community
from time to time, what date to test what and to do what, things like that, so this will be just the business as usual part.

Okay, that’s good, and then we move on to the second part, which is addressing some questions from the community.

So allow me to start with the first one.

This comes from an anonymous community member, and the question is like this:

Do you have any customers lined up to use MANTA?

This we just mentioned earlier.

Owen: Technically, they are not customers. Till now, we have several college labs that are interested to use our MANTA system when it’s ready. But they are still not the company customers right now. After the MANTA is ready, we would like to introduce more AI scientists to join us to use MANTA to train their model. Maybe we will ask our partner Bitgrit, they have also AI scientists and we would like to invite all of them to join us to use MANTA
for their future work.

So that’s the situation with MANTA right now.

Eric: Okay, I see. So just for our community to understand more,
that is the MANTA is designed or developed more for the AI scientists and as Owen just mentioned, we have a potential collaboration with the colleges on this part and we are going to invite some AI scientists to join this MANTA test as well, and also the development as well. So they will be the potential customers or the partners for MANTA.

And then we move on to the second question.

In April there were two listings, which were XT and P2PB2B,
which is quite difficult to pronounce. So is there any update about these two listings?

Owen: Yeah, we have already listed on XT exchange for several months and everyone can trade MAN on that exchange right now. I don’t know what’s the situation with the P2PB2B exchange. I will check it and offer more information for all of you.

Eric: Speaking of this, we are still looking for getting listed on those top tier exchanges instead of tier 3 or other exchanges, right?

That is still our strategy, right?

Owen: Yeah.

Eric: Good. I think the community would be very happy to see this one.

From our community member @sbblc.

This is about the circulation.

What is the total of MAN coins that are mined or
earned on a daily basis (the total rewards daily)?

Owen: I have checked it with our technical guys and recently the total rewards, which include the validator rewards and mining rewards and
also the staking rewards, the total number is about 87,000 MAN per day.

Eric: Okay, I see. So, we have some quantified measures to share,
and also is it possible that we can share or update the snapshot of the whole block from time to time?

Owen: Yeah.

Eric: Okay, good.

I think this is a concern raised from the masternode community. Okay, so the members of the masternode community, you hear the answer.

Thank you.

Again from @sbblc.

We had a prototype of the vein wallet. How far are we on the release of it? Do we have a date?

I think we have addressed this question, or similar question, in the previous AMA. Maybe you can repeat again, Owen?

Owen: We don’t have an exact schedule for the hardware wallet, for the vein wallet. Till now, about these technologies, we are focusing on how to add the vein scanning technologies into the NFT minting. That’s what we are doing now. I think maybe by the end of this year, maybe we can show a demo to the community that we will mint the vein scanning information into
the NFT and that means we can mint the human biology information into the NFT. I think that will be a big progress for the NFT industry.

Eric: Okay, that’s good. I think of course the technology itself is very good, but I mean the vein wallet, we have a series of articles, elaborating this product. Aside from the beauty of this technology, I think it’s worth mentioning that if we can use this technology for the Metaverse, meaning to say we can prove ourselves in the Metaverse, so this will be a very interesting concept. Not just applicable to Matrix, it can be applied to all blockchain projects in the domain of distributed identity, or things like that, to connect from the physical universe with the Metaverse with our bio information, so that’s the beauty and we got the technology and that’s the most important part.

All right, so we move on.

This question is from @omer.

Hello there, in Telegram groups, rumors are
saying that 20 privileged miners out of 900 miners produce and sell 90,000 MAN per day, and that’s why the price cannot rise because of this.

Could you please search? I think, yeah, we do. We got this message and we did some investigation.

So perhaps Owen could have a deep dive into this issue.

Owen: Yeah, we have checked this rumor with our technology team and we don’t find these 20 miners which can produce about 90,000 MAN per day because the total number we will produce per day is about 87,000. In fact, there are some miners that can get better rewards but we don’t find any proof that they do something to cheat the system of our network, so I think the real reason they can get the higher rewards, is because they are using the better hardware, maybe the better CPU or something else.

Eric: Okay, I see. So, to the community, we are really serious about this matter and we do have an investigation. So the conclusion is that this is not true,
or if you have other more solid information, you can send it to us, and we will keep investigating. But according to our investigation so far, it’s not like that, so perhaps maybe some miner that they run with a higher configuration
of the mining machines, and that’s why they get higher rewards, but they are not a kind of so-called privileged miners that produce a lot of MAN coins each day and press down the MAN price and it’s not like that, but we take this very seriously and if you have any other information, do send it to us.

Thank you.

And then the next question comes from Jerry. Jerry is a frequent question contributer from the community. So Jerry’s question is like this.

Can you give an update on what you are currently
doing with the cooperation with the KBCI?

Owen: Yeah, I think we had that AMA maybe last week, we had it about the cooperation with Eco Global, which is also supported by the KBCI, and the KBCI introduced that program to have the cooperation with Matrix. In this cooperation we will support the NFT and the AI services for Eco Global.On the other hand, the first cooperation directly with the KBCI is the China Korea Industry Garden, but this program hasn’t started right now. The KBCI is doing the preparing work and with the Chinese government, yeah. When this preparing work is done, we will start our developing work with the KBCI in the China Korea Industry Garden.

Eric: Okay, so to summarize there’s some progress on the KBCI, and the KBCI with the partners, because they do have a kind of investment in this project and then they refer to us for some collaboration, so that’s why we have that AMA with Eco Global. The second thing is, about the industrial park, and that one hadn’t started in China, and when it will start, it will start to get the ball rolling, so just be patient. By the way, KBCI is a very big one, so it’s a kind of a state big one, so they take their partnerships very cautious. You know in the crypto space, people just make use of the names and then to hype the project and get the price up and that’s the thing they don’t want and we respect that.

And then we move on to the next question from

Dear CEO, investors want to see the number of holders on the website or on the blockchain. Why are you not transparent about this? Can you explain about this?

It sounds like he’s not so happy. Okay, Owen?

Owen: That’s a good suggestion. We will ask our technology team to add this
on our browser very soon. Yeah, you will see it in a short time.

Eric: Okay, hopefully, we can set the time and year. Say, for example, will it be possible by mid-December?

Owen: Yeah, I think so. Maybe in two weeks.

Eric: Okay, so about that. So, you got your answer, so don’t be unhappy
and enjoy the adventure with Matrix, @semihamuslu26. So okay, good, I think that addressed your concern.

And then the next one. The letters appear to be gibberish and I cannot read that. The question is like this.

Who do you see as the biggest cryptocurrency competitor of MAN coin?

That’s a good question and we started to have an article series about this part, so Owen.

Owen: I think we have lots of competitors in different areas, so if we are talking about the decentralized computing distribution platforms, I think
DeFinity will be our competitor. And also, we have written a lot of articles about the competitors with Matrix in different areas. This will show you the differences and our advantages against them, so you can learn more in that article I think.

Eric: I think Owen addressed a similar question in the last AMA back in October, and we promised to have an article series to elaborate into detail who are our competitors and what are our edges.

And starting from yesterday, meaning the 23rd, we have started posting a series and we should have finished I think on Friday. The whole series will be out and then please do spend some time reading it because it contains a lot of information. This information we collected from the internet, so it may not be the full picture, but it does present some factual information, so if you find anything that is not comprehensive enough or incomplete, then just send a suggestion to us.

We don’t mean for any infringement or disrespect to our partners or competitors. Just like that. The crypto space is big enough for a lot
of people to join. It’s still at the early stage. So that’s our stand.

And, move on, question from @iyihuylu2.

As Matrix Al Network, what are you thinking about to be part of the evolution like Defi, 2.0, GameFi, Web 3.0 and Metaverse? If it is in your plans, when will you make it happen?

Owen: Some of our ecosystem team started to do some research in the DeFi and the GameFi industries, such as the APEX. That’s a test for our ecosystem team to do something in the DeFi area, so also I think in the near future there will be some blockchain games related with Matrix, which will be launched in the near future. About the metaverse, I think it’s a very important opportunity in the future. Also in this area, I think Matrix has a lot of good chances for us, such as, in our Matrix 2.0 version green paper, we said we will build a data platform. So in the metaverse, I think everyone will also need assets. Of course, we will need to spend money or something else in the metaverse too. We can create value in the real world, but which value we can create in the metaverse, I think it’s data. So in our data platform we will translate the data into the value assets, so I think it’s very important for the metaverse. Until now, we have started to start some study work and preparing work for the data platform but it hasn’t started for the many development work, so I can’t give a very exact schedule for that, but I think we will continue to push this work to make it real and happen, because I think it’s very important for Matrix. It’s also very important for the world and
the metaverse.

Eric: Okay, in Matrix, one of the characteristics is that we dare to try and try a lot of things. So when you talk about the GameFi, Web 3.0 and the metaverse, we do look into those areas and how the Matrix AI Network can contribute to these new concepts and we do look into those, just for example, Owen joined an AMA section of an online seminar, organized by a key opinion maker in China, sharing his views on GameFi and we do have a summary on this and as for the metaverse, just as Owen mentioned, data is the new oil for this digital economy, so we are looking at the metaverse from this perspective.

This is something that we are trying and looking into, and don’t forget the Horse Saga, the GameFi. There is another team that wishes to take
the Horse Saga reborn. I’mm not sure about the progress, but this will be an
interesting area to look into as well.

That leads to the last question from Jerry again.

End of December, Matrix will have some synchronization with Filecoin. Can you tell more about this development, please?

Owen: Yeah, I fact we are trying to choose one decentralized storage platform for our data plate, because if you want to make the data to become the user’s assets, you need to make it a decentralized storage. So I think, we have to do lots of research for the Filecoin and some others. Until now, the Filecoin is not very stable and the security for the users, so before we have chosen one suitable platform, we will keep the user to use our own IPFS system. The users will keep their data on our decentralized storage platform.

Eric: Okay. I think this is the end of this AMA for November,
and if you, any member of the community, you have any questions or concerns that you would like the Matrix team to address, please do submit your questions through the online Google form, and we’ll try to pick those, and I think that’s the end of this AMA. Owen, you can go and play
basketball with Prof. Deng again.

Owen: Bye bye community, bye bye Eric.

Eric: Auf wiedersehen, bye.

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