NFT is short for Non-fungible Token. Fungible tokens are the most common type of tokens. A BTC that you own is not any different from a BTC in someone else’s possession. These tokens are identical and, therefore, valued the same in the market.

Similarly, all fiat currencies are fungible. One five-dollar banknote is no different than any other banknote with a face value of five dollars. The same is true with BTC and ETH.

A non-fungible token, on the other hand, is unique and not replaceable with another token. Unlike with BTC or ETH, whose quantity one owns may be a decimal number. The smallest number of NFTs is always one. In other words, a non-fungible token is undividable.

The most common types of NFTs today are based on the ERC-721 standard. Blockchain technologies and standards such as ERC-721 guarantee that NFTs are unique and rare.

Matrix AI NFT Platform

Matrix AI NFT is a platform dedicated to AI-related NFT asset generation and authentication. It has two orientations: 1. the “Big Threes” of artificial intelligence (compute, data, and algorithm models) 2. AI art.


Unlike traditional art NFT platforms, AIrt is a platform built upon Matrix mainnet with a focus on AI art. Starting from music and drawing, artificial intelligence is already entering the creative scene, producing more and more great artworks and even bringing past masters back to life again. In the course of time, artificial intelligence coupled with 3D print and other new techs will no doubt become a force to be reckoned with in the creative field.

How to forge an AIrt token?

  • 1.Connect the art-creation AI to AIrt network through API and pass verification by validation nodes;
  • 2.Upload the digital artwork you created onto the IPFS network of Matrix storage layer and fill the description box;
  • 3.Pay the required MAN and start forging AIrt tokens;
  • 4.Complete forging and get AIrt tokens;
  • 5.An AIRT token is the only token of ownership for its corresponding work of art. AIrt tokens can be transferred and traded. Ownership of an AIrt token grants one ownership of the corresponding artwork.


MANAS is an AI service platform built on Matrix mainnet. One of its core functions is to authenticate the “Big Threes” of artificial intelligence (compute, data, and algorithm models) and generate NFTs.

Compute NFT

  • 1.Connect compute into Matrix network through API and get verified;
  • 2.Set an expiry date and pay the required MAN to forge NFTs;
  • 3.Complete the forging process and get NFTs corresponding to the amount of compute used;
  • 4. A compute NFT is the token of ownership for the profit generated by mining using its corresponding compute before the expiry date. The owner of an NFT owns its corresponding mining profit and can trade this token or transfer its ownership;
  • 5.To transfer an NFT’s ownership, the transferrer is required to upload the relevant legal documents or stake a certain number of MAN.

Data NFT

  • 1.Upload data that meet our standards to Matrix IPFS network and pass verification;
  • 2.Pay the required MAN and start forging NFTs;
  • 3.Complete the forging process and get NFTs;
  • 4.There are two types of data NFTs: ownership NFTs and usage NFTs. Ownership NFTs are tokens of ownership for data, while usage NFTs give people the right to access and use data by paying a fee.

Compute NFT

  • 1.Deploy algorithm models on Matrix distributed network;
  • 2.Pay MAN to forge NFTs;
  • 3.Complete the forging process and get NFTs;
  • 4.Algorithm NFTs are tokens of ownership for algorithms. Users can trade compute NFTs, transfer their ownership or collect a profit when other people use those algorithms.

Asset Storage

Matrix uses IPFS as the core storage solution for digital assets. At the beginning, users’ digital assets will be stored on the IPFS network of Matrix mainnet. In the future, Matrix will partner with another trustworthy distributed storage provider (FileCoin, as currently planned) to build a platform dedicated to digital asset storage.


To improve the circulation and applicability of our NFTs. Matrix will build cross-chain tools following the launch of our NFT platform that will enable the transferring of AI NFTs created on Matrix mainnet to other blockchain platforms. AI assets on other platforms can also be transferred onto Matrix mainnet for the purpose of forging NFTs.