Network Snapshot

We had a suggestion from November AMA, which is about providing updated network snapshots to the Community. As promised in the AMA, we will make it available by mid of the month. Below is the details :

1. Where to download :

    (1), or

    (2) Homepage/Download/Misc

2. What it is

    (1) The title is “Block Height 6752000 Trie Data”

    (2) The block height will change when we update the network for download

3. Frequency

    (1) We shall provide updated snapshot every two weeks.

    (2) There is no fixed date yet.

4. Who will care about this

    (1) Miners mainly.

We have been listening to the voices of the community, examples are what makes MATRIX different, Snapshots, partnership updates and the like. We will keep doing things this way.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.