New Direction for Public Chains in the Carbon Neutral Future (Part 2)

The Potential of Carbon Neutral Mining

Matrix has always held More Public Benefit as its motto, and guided by this principle, Matrix has come up with a brand new hybrid PoW. The core of this design is to use random cluster algorithms to elect representative nodes to carry out PoW computing, thus avoiding the energy and computing power waste of a global PoW consensus mechanism.

Besides minimizing energy waste, this design also comes with the side benefit of huge commercial potential. As there will be many unelected miners in each mining cycle, they can lease out their idle computing power for profit just like cloud computing platforms do.

Picture: Matrix’s Computing Power Output Workflow

As miners already get a decent return from mining, selling computing power is a side income for them. For this reason, Matrix will be able to provide computing power at more competitive costs than conventional cloud computing platforms. In addition, Matrix has two more tricks up its sleeves.

As the team will not run this distributed computing platform themselves, but instead provide open API and SDK for anyone to use building his/her own distributed cloud computing center, this platform will be highly efficient.

In the future, Matrix will also be capable of utilizing computing power from all types of devices, like your laptop or gaming console. When idle, these devices will export their computing power to AI companies for profit.

Picture: Cost Comparison Between Computing Power from Consumer Devices and Traditional Cloud Computing Providers

This innovative business model will bring a lot of life to the Matrix ecosystem. Firstly, when leasing idle computing power, all transactions will be made in MAN, thus boosting its liquidity. Secondly, when people apply to become a third-party vendor of idle computing power, Matrix will require them to stake a number of MAN, which limits the total number in circulation causing MAN to appreciate. Lastly, as an AI giant of the future, Matrix is in the perfect spot to utilize the cheap computing power to facilitate the work of AI scientists on its platform.

The Advantage and Business Potential of Heat Recycling

Matrix’s mining farm heat recycling technology is already implemented in some shopping malls and schools at one-third of the cost of conventional heating. After China banned Bitcoin mining due to energy waste concerns, this innovation is the key to the long-term development of farms mining MAN.

Even better, a number of Bitcoin mining farms are already approaching the Matrix team hoping to get the help of this technology to meet carbon neutrality standards.


Sustainable development is the theme of our time, and carbon neutrality is a trend that cannot be reversed. Therefore, blockchain and crypto projects have to adapt. Matrix’s solution takes advantage of the trend and turns it into an opportunity for the long-term growth of its ecosystem. This will pay off over time.