One Link for All Forms

Dear Matrixian,

As a way to involve the community better and collect feedbacks, we have various forms for different purposes, including monthly AMA question submission, the global recruitment, suggestion box and partnership refer. It is not so user friendly to go to four places, or more in future. From now on, we will have all forms in this single place. This means all Admin or any users just need to remember this link and simply click to select from below, then fill in the form accordingly.

1. Monthly AMA Question Submission :

2. Global Recruitment :

3. Suggestion Box

4. Partnership Refer :

We have tried to merge all forms into one form, and we realized there is a problem when we export the inputs. This literally means all inputs regardless of the nature of inputs, all will be exported while we have different person to handle different forms, let alone the size of the file.

We trust this would be more user friendly. For more suggestions, please do use the suggestion form and we shall evaluate each seriously.

Don’t forget, when you submit entries in various forms, reward, depends on the impact or importance, will be offered to you when it is taken by the Team.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.