Release of AIRTIST Website

Dear Matrixian,

We just published a series article this week introducing the past and present of AI arts. Please refer to below two links for details:

Art—an expression of human creativity—has always been at the centre of human culture. For centuries, humans have created arts that express thoughts, imaginations, ideas, and memories. These artistic expressions have allowed humans to study history and realise its progress through time.

And as computers increase their capabilities and AI becomes widely deployed, AI-based painting and music composition have emerged in the past few years. And recent breakthroughs in GANs and deep learning networks (DNNs) provide insights into the future of creativity and possibilities.

AIRTIST is a Blockchain-powered platform populated with deep neural networks (DNN) that allow users to generate their own computerised artists via GAN models. The platform uses large data sets and GAN algorithms to train a piece of software with associated data that resembles a latest red-hot artist or famous deceased master like Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh.

Using AIRTIST, any participants can create and trade their NFTs—whether Artist NFTs or Artwork NFTs— on the platform and obtain token derivatives that can be exchanged directly.

Today, we are glad to announce that the official website of AIRTIST is ready and you can access simply clicking the link below:

You can read the business deck, whitepaper and the founding team members plus roadmap at the website.

Our ecosystem partner will have the phase 1 function ready and we will keep you informed.

This is definitely exciting and inspiring. Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.