Stage 4 Delivery Summary and March AMA

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Eric: Hello dear Matrixians, I think this is the first time I use the word “matrixian” to address the community.

We addressed that in a text [article] and now it’s through the format of an AMA.

Today is the 25th of March, it’s about month’s end, so we are going to have another monthly AMA. And as usual, we have our CEO Mr. Owen Tao to join this session.

Owen: - Hi.

Eric: What makes March — Hi Owen.

What makes the March AMA special is because this month we are going to deliver the stage 4 of our roadmap. So before we address some questions from the community, I would love to invite our CEO Owen to give us an update on the deliverables, or the status of the items of this stage 4. So would Owen please give us an update on the status please?

Owen: Okay, we have four key functions for stage 4. The first one is our AI service platform, AKA MANAS, which will be in the business operation stage. So before that, the keywork for us in this stage is developing our accounting platform which can account orders, agencies, how many times they have used our AI services, our API, what cost they need to pay, and how much they have used our services. It will be delivered by the end of this month, after the tech team work, we will start the business operation stage for MANAS platform.

The second one is the release of AIRTIST Alpha version. As you know we have an ecoteam who is in charge of this project. I think the first Alpha version will be released with their official website, maybe in the beginning of April.

So the third part is the cross chain NFT. In fact, we have already finished this work in stage 3. You can mint the NFT on different chains such as Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. You can mint the NFTs on different chains with your algorithm or data which has been stored on our mainnet IPFS.

And the last part is about Filecoin. We have mentioned before that we haven’t made the decision to choose Filecoin as our storage platform, maybe we will choose some other ones. So before that we will still use our mainnet IPFS storage as the decentralized storage for all the services we have provided. That’s all.

Eric: Thanks Owen. I think this is enough information. Allow me to recap for the easy understanding of the community.

So, as a matter of fact, the API for different AI services that have been available since last stage 3.

And for this agency promotion mechanism, basically it’s for someone to use different services of our AI service, so that they can use one, or they can use ten, or use even more, and they just need to integrate our API to their services or their websites, and then their users will make use of these AI services. And from there, these agencies, or these websites, we’ll know how many AI services that have been used and how many MANs that have been used.

So to speak, the price of each AI service is determined by the website or the agency. For example, we set each service at 10 MANs each time, just an example, and if they charge 15, that means they have a margin of 5 MANs each time. So this is totally on them. And the accounting system is based on their website.

And for the community, or for the agencies, to understand what the whole flow is like, we are going to have an article to elaborate what the so-called mechanism is about, so stay tuned for this article. And basically, the API for different AI services to integrate with our MANAS has been ready since stage 3. And this is what Owen said, that’s the commercial status is there already.

Second item is about the AIRTIST, as I understand from Owen, the eco-partner, we have their website released early next month. And Owen, would you like to elaborate more on the functions of AIRTIST at this stage, do you have any details about the functions?

Owen: As I know, the first version I think is, maybe you already have got some information about the AIRTIST, and I think in the future maybe we will offer more articles about it. And as I know, the first version of the AIRTIST I think is that you can pay some coins, maybe some ETH or MAN, to the algorithm provider which will run the algorithm and rent some computing power to make it running. And I think it will take some time, and after that you will get a painting which was painted by the AI service, I think this is the first version. And after that they will use our MANTA system or something else, because their target is to create a decentralized AIRTIST, so our MANTA will be a good support for their clients.

Eric: I think that’s interesting, I will volunteer myself to join the test of the AIRTIST and get the paintings from the AI, that would be wonderful.

And then the third item is about the cross chain, I think we have already made a deliverable in stage 3, and we have demo videos to show how to do that through the BSC. We mint and then we can trade on the BSC. For ETH we didn’t make the video, and you can also try with Solana as well. So it has been ready, we just make things more advanced there in this stage 4.

And the last item is about Filecoin, we have mentioned some times before that we will stick to using the IPFS.

So that is the overall of the stage 4 delivery. So I think the conclusion is that everything is on track. So I encourage you to stay tuned for the articles about the agency promotion mechanism, and also to have a check on the website of AIRTIST and to join the Alpha test of using the AI to come up with the paintings. Now this is exciting, thanks Owen.

Now let’s go on to the second part of this AMA, that is the questions from the community and then we will address those.

The first question comes from @amazir07: “When will the Pose Detection, Pulmonary nodule, Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Object Detection and Rib fracture services be available on MANAS?”.

Owen: Yeah, because all of these AI services have been developed before our MANAS platform, all of this AI services have been using different technology structures with MANAS AI services so we can’t use them directly, put them directly on MANAS, so I think after the business running testing, we can move them to the MANAS platform anytime if we like, and it will take maybe two or three weeks. We need to do some changes to this AI services structure.

Eric: Okay thanks Owen, so basically you are saying that we can just change the format of these AI services, but we will wait after the partners test MANAS. So as far as I remember we have mentioned that we are going to have partners to have the MANAS test sometime around June, right?

Owen: Yeah.

Eric: Okay, good. So after that we will come up with a schedule, whether we need to make this available on MANAS as well according to the feedback from these testing partners.

And then the second question comes from @bbkkka: “MAN coin fees are very high.” Really? “A study needs to be done on this. This is also a great network system”, thanks for that, “stable coins should be integrated into this network.”

Owen, this Matrixian is saying that our fee is very high and I don’t think so, yeah, over to you.

Owen: I think in fact the MAN coin transaction fee is very low and our transaction fee is far less than one cent, maybe one percent of that so I don’t think the transaction fee is a problem for anyone to use MAN to do any transaction or something else. After that I think that stable coins, I think it’s a good thing for every ecosystem. I think maybe in the future we will discuss some plan about how to integrate it into our MainNet. Maybe we have some full plan about our DeFi system. We would like to introduce the stable coin into our MainNet in the future.

Eric: So stable coin is also in our plan, that’s good. The third question comes from @bykushh.

The question is a little bit long, so bear with me.

“Wouldn’t it be better if our ecosystem game had come out on the MainNet instead of on the Ocean Park BSC network, and we investors have connected our web wallet and paid the gas fees with man? Wouldn’t it provide a better benefit, both in terms of promotion? Will we have a game that we plan to do this way?”

Owen: Yeah I think if you can use MAN to pay the gas fee, of course it will provide the benefit to our ecosystem. But as you know this Ocean Park has been developed by one ecosystem team of Matrix. So they decided to put it on the Binance Smart Chain, and I think they have two reasons. The first one Binance Smart Chain has a much better NFT circulation situation, it’s a very good chain that can support NFT trading. And on the other hand we can transfer the MAN from our MainNet to the Binance Smart Chain without the Wormhole.

They chose BSC, I think they had these two reasons. Of course it is better for them to build their games on our MainNet. I think in the future if we develop some games by ourselves of course we will choose MAN to be the only token or coin in our game.

Eric: Okay so I think they have their own strategy to see how to make it successful. And the benefit to us is because, for example, Ocean Park just ran an airdrop through the CMC platform, and that brings us promotion effects as well, so a lot of new members come to our social media and then follow us. So this is a side effect of the building on the BSC, so this is kind of an indirect effect to Matrix as well.

So Owen just mentioned it’s because of the circulation, and also because of the popularity. And I think they have their own strategy and I believe they are right as of now.

So, go on to another question, so we have three questions concerning Ocean Park and so this is the second question about Ocean Park:

“How will our ecosystem project Ocean Park benefit us directly? What will be the positive and negative effects on MAN? Will Horse SAGA come out directly on our network and will we need to use MAN coin? Can you give us some information please?”

This is from @sercanmuslu.

Owen: Yeah, as we have seen that Ocean Park has already brought a lot of active new members to our community, I think it’s very good for Matrix. At the same time in the future version, Ocean Park will provide some specific functions about NFT which can only be bought with MAN coin. And that will offer a great demand for the MAN coin if Ocean Park has been operated very successfully.

About Horse Saga, we haven’t started the whole work for the development. I think it would be better to learn some experience from the good games such as Ocean Park, we can learn a lot about them. After that we will make a good plan, and we have to learn [from] their fault and their successful experience, and which can make Horse Saga better and a perfect game.

Eric: Exactly, I think this is very good. So we build on the lessons then. So we start from Ocean Park, it’s the first one and then we see what we can learn, good things, bad things, how we can improve so we can have better products, or our next ecosystem project is better. So this is kind of step by step and then, we do see what we are heading to. And the third question about Ocean Park is coming from @omer55yuksel:

“Ocean Park, where will the game token be listed?” This is a very hot question. “Will MAN stakers be able to participate in the pre-sale?”

Now this is very good.

Owen: Yeah, in fact I don’t know their schedule for the listing. But as for their game design, I think the first place they will be listed is Pancake which is a decentralized exchange on the BSC. And for the second question, yeah of course it’s a MAN eco-game, so I’d like to invite them to maybe do some AMA in our community and also give the MAN holders some airdrop, and also of course I think the MAN stakers will be able to join their pre-sale of course. I would like to offer some white lists for our own members.

Eric: Well, that’s good, that’s good. So yeah, we’re going to send them an invitation to join an AMA on our channel. Very good. Then I think the community will be excited to join, if there is any pre-sale or any special discounts during the pre-sale stage.

And then allow me to ask a question about the burning process. This is from @Escape977: “I searched but couldn’t find it. Can you give information about the coin burning process?”

Owen: Yeah, until now we have two ways to do the burning for the MAN coin. The first one is that we do that by ourselves. In history [one thing] we had done once, is before our MainNet mining started, we had built some nodes which do the testing mining before the official ones. After that we stopped all the nodes, and at first we had done an airdrop for the MAN coins which we have mined before the official launch, we have spent a part to do airdrop to the first part of miners who have joined our mining system. And another part we have is to make them burning, we have sent them to the black hole address, that’s the first part.

On another hand we had another function. We haven’t announced it officially, we have one special function on our mainnet that… You know in Ethereum you can publish tokens on Ethereum, but these tokens you can’t make them to pay gas fees, but in Matrix MainNet we have a special function where you can publish another MainNet coin on Matrix Network. It means if you publish a new MainNet coin, you can use that to pay the gas fees, you can use that to pay the miners, and also you can use lots of the resources for our MainNet. But if you want to publish one kind of the MainNet coin you’ll need to burn 100,000 MAN coins.

Yeah, this function is still under testing, we have done about three times testing so we have burnt 300,000 of MAN coins in this way. I think in the future maybe we can publish our article to introduce how to burn MAN coin, and what we have already burned in history.

Yeah by the way in the future, after our MANAS business launch, the income we have gained from MANAS, besides the revenues to the miners and also the algorithm providers, the other part we will also burn, that’s all.

Eric: Okay yeah, Owen, obviously you are the MAN, so you are the jack of all trades about MAN. So what you say I think actually answers the question from the member, and it would be helpful if we can come up with a short article elaborating the complete process for easy understanding, because not all the members will listen through and listen very carefully about what you say so if we have an article they can read anytime at their own pace, that would be a great idea.

Owen: Yeah.

Eric: Okay, thanks for that Owen. So last two questions and then you can go to sleep. You can read the clock that is about 25 past 12 midnight. So yeah we do it this time at home because, the reason is mainly because Covid-19 situation in Hong Kong, that’s why I didn’t go to the office, and this time we are working at home. So you can see the clock now.

“Do you have any studies on Metaverse?”. Question from @diogenes57.

Owen: Yes of course, we have lots of studies on the Metaverse, because I think it’s a very important industry for the future. And in fact, we have offered some information in the last AMA. And I think in the future there will be continuous articles to introduce maybe our plan on the Metaverse, and also introduce some exact services we can provide in our projects we will make in the Metaverse.

Eric: Okay that’s great, I think today we published part two of the first series about the Metaverse. So we will have more series which cover how AI, or the products of Matrix can benefit the Metaverse, or what’s the relationship between these products and the Metaverse, or the potential contributions to the Metaverse, those will be very exciting and inspiring series, so please stay tuned for our series.

And then the last question comes from @BozKurt: When Matrix AI mining is ready, will there be mining farms where users can rent GPU resources and set up their matrix AI miners? If Matrix validators use GPU resources, will that improve their validation incentives?”

Owen: Yeah, I think when our AI mining is ready, I think there will be someone who would like to build the mining farms in the Matrix ecosystem. And of course anyone who can rent their computing power to do the AI mining. After that, besides that I don’t suggest the validators to increase their GPU resources because in our design the GPU computing power is not very important for the validators, so if you increase your GPU computing power it won’t increase your income, when you do the validator mining, yeah that’s my suggestion.

Eric: Okay I see, thanks Owen. So that concludes the AMA for March, and as usual if you have any questions or concerns, please submit using the forms that we published. And this time we will have four forms in one link: we have the monthly AMA question submission, we have the recruitment program, and we also have the suggestion box for you to send us any suggestions, and also the form for you to refer any potential partners or projects to work with Matrix. And once your questions are selected or your suggestion is taken or whatsoever, there will be a MAN award to you as a token of our appreciation.

And for April we will release the read deliverables bit by bit that are listed at the stage four which were mentioned by Owen. And I think you can try AIRTIST and you can stay tuned about the pre-sale of Ocean Park, and then stay tuned about our article series about Matrix and the Metaverse.

I think that’s the end of the AMA. Thanks Owen for your time, sharing with us and with the community about the updates. And thanks to the Matrixians who has given us support and also spent time watching this AMA. Thanks, and take care during this pandemic crisis.

Thanks bye-bye.

Owen: Thank you Matrix, thank you Eric, thank you Matrix community, thank you for all of your support, bye-bye.