Transcript of MATRIX AMA of January 2022

With Matrix CEO: Owen TAO

Eric: Hello Matrix community members.
Today is the 27th of January of 2022, and this is the first AMA that we are doing for this year, and in this session we will have a total of 10 questions sent from our community members, and without further ado let’s welcome our CEO Owen Tao to join this session.
Thank you Owen to join us.

Owen: Hi Eric, hi community, happy New Year.

Eric: Happy new year, and soon it will be our Chinese New Year, right?

Owen: Yeah.

Eric: Speaking of the Chinese New Year, we are going to have the Chinese New Year and our event as well, so please stay tuned for the update.

And let’s go with our first question, and actually this is a question from myself, and I think it is one of the common questions from the community, that is about the stage 4 of the roadmap, are we still on that Owen?

Owen: Yeah, everything is scheduled, MANAS agency promotion platform is under development.
And for MANART, the AI art part will be delivered by one of our ecosystem team, and the project will be named AIRTIST.
And for the other parts, until now, our NFT algorithm can be created on different blockchains, such as, until now, we can trade our NFT algorithms on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.
And in the future I think we will support more public chains, to support our NFT algorithm trading service. So in my world everything is under schedule.

Eric: Ok that’s good. So we spoke about AIRTIST, I think we have articles about AIRTIST, which is a technical summary of what AIRTIST is vowed for, and what kind of drawings it is going to address.
I think that’s quite an exciting and inspiring project ahead of us. So I think it’s very good and handled by an independent ecosystem for our project.
And so you were talking about different blockchains like Ethereum and also the BSC, and I think one of our community members is making some videos on that, because we have the articles on that, released this month. So we will have that, the video demonstration about how to mint, how to trade on the BSC, and at least for now we’re not going to show the video about the ETH type, we are going to show the video on the BSC trading system.

So thanks for that Owen. And allow me to go on to the second question, and this is a question from @Ebmagic, he’s trying to suggest “adding an extra confirmation step to accept or reject the transaction when staking in a joint mining pool. At the minute you click on “join mining” and then a popup confirming or asking you to confirm (only option available) pops up. It would be nice if the pop up showed a summary of the transaction that is about to be performed, along with an option to accept or reject the transaction.”

This is something major for the users, would you consider that?

Owen: Yeah I think that’s a very good suggestion. I will ask our technology team to add this function to our wallet as soon as possible.

Eric: Ok so in this week also I will hand it up and follow up with the devs, and then to chase a time window for this, and then to advise the community and @Ebmagic on this suggestion.

And thanks for your suggestion.
And for all community members, if you have other suggestions, reach to us whether it is in terms of the functions, features, user experience, user interface, etc, you can just message us by DM or in the main group chat.
And I think we can run a small event, if your suggestion is seconded by the project team, then you’ll have some MAN in exchange for your valuable suggestion. I think there will be that kind of event from now on. And thanks to @Ebmagic for giving us this inspiration.

And then the second question is from @Budspencer469, which is a frequently asked question in our AMAs.
“Hello. Can you make MANAS, Wallet and Explorer Tom a little more attractive for the customer? This is not meant to cast a doubt on the performance. Unfortunately, it looks like these tools are from 1994. This is sure to generate more interest.”. Yes I believe so, and I like your comment “these tools from 1994”, we still watch Back To The Future.
Alright @Budspencer469, I think yeah… I’m totally with you. I think Owen has already addressed similar questions before, and again I hand over this question to him, can you please share that with us Owen?

Owen: Yeah in fact, I think this is 2 questions in this part, and the first one is about MANAS. In fact we don’t want to promote or do the business operations of MANAS by ourselves. We’d like to open the API functions of MANAS. We’d like to invite all of you community members who have the ability or something else, anyone who wants to run an AI Service Platform, you will add our MANAS API to your portal. You can build your own portal to operate this business.
So in this world, I think maybe the activity for MANAS is not very important. But for this, for our wallet and explorer I think you are right, we’d like to make a new design, a new UI design for that. And at the same time, if anyone from our community would like to make the new design for our wallet and explorer, you can contact Eric, I would like to work together with you, to make our wallet and our explorer more beautiful and easier to use.

Ok thanks Owen. And speaking of this, I think when you talk about the position of MANAS, I do recall a community member later he would like to integrate MANAS into his app, so let’s stay tuned for his updates, and then we can fully advice the community on how they can integrate our MANAS into their app. So this is in echo with what you are saying about the position [of MANAS]. So basically we provide a platform and all the partners that did all kinds of things they want to integrate, then they can integrate with our API and reach MANAS servers from there.
And then Owen, just to mention that we welcome the community who is interested in making things in UI, for the wallet and the explorer. Yeah let’s make them welcome and we can have something as a bounty for them. And if you want to try that, just let me know. And if not, we are going to hand it over to some design team for them to optimize the whole UI, so that @Budspencer469 will not comment again it’s from 1994, which I think is a really good point.
Ok so we go on. Question from @TheElk: “Hi Owen! Can you please share an update on the current ongoing projects such as TBEA, OBOR and others?”.
I think this is about the ecosystem development. Yes, very interesting question. I think most of the community members would like to know the update of this ecosystem project. Could you, Owen?

Owen: Yes, the cooperation with the TBEA in fact is a part of our cooperation with the OBOR project. We are using our AI technologies to support TBEA to build one “Unmanned Mine” factory. So this project, I think we have already finished about 80%. I think all of it will be done by the middle of this year. And after that we’d like to select some good AI Services for the TBEA to add them to our MANITO platform. And also lots of the projects we started in the Xinjiang province, all of them are related to the OBOR project. Because Xinjiang province is a very important part of the OBOR project. And also the other projects, I think the China Korea Industry we will build with the KBCI. This project hasn’t started yet because of maybe the COVID-19 with China and Korea. So this project has been settled. They ask you a lot about preparation work. So I think this project may start this year. If this project starts [this year], we will support AI Technologies for this industry park. And we will share more processes with other corporations, with other projects in the future. We’ll renew them as much as possible and inform our community.

Eric: Ok, so to add to that, we have published the background of all these ecosystems, corporations, projects, that’s maintained by Elk. And it’s good that we have some timeline from Owen, and I think this timeline is kind of competitive, because some timelines are out of our control, for example the KBCI, due to the covid-19 and there’s some delay and we expect to maybe start this year. And also the TBEA some times around mid of this year, but we cannot 100% guarantee the timeline yet, because there are a lot of dependencies, it’s not like it only depends on us. If it was solely depending on us, we would like to start as soon as possible, we understand you. So Elk, this is an answer for your question, at least we have some approximate timeline for that.

Alright so, go on, this is an important question from the community, from @Ayushrai11: “Can we expect Binance listing in Q4 2022?”.

Yeah I think the reporting in our community is about discussing when we are going to be listed. And from time to time we are suggested to get listed on small exchanges, and I thought of that, we would talk about those Tier 1, Tier 2 at least for listings instead of those Tier 3 or 4, because we have to spend a lot of time, and also manpower to maintain that.
And I do believe Owen has addressed these things in one of the AMA last year. So Owen do we have any updates on the listings?

Owen: Yeah, I think to be listed on Binance will be one of our main targets in 2022, so we will work hard to achieve this target but I can’t tell you the exact schedule, but we would like to do more work to make it happen.

Eric: Yeah, probably we can get to know what kinds of requirements or entry barriers for us to get listed in Binance, and then we can work on that. I think the most important thing is to keep delivering what we promised in the roadmap or updated roadmap, so that we have something very solid or substantial to provide to the community and to keep the benefits to the whole world in terms of Blockchain.
Yeah I think the deliveries are something very important.

And then go on, from @Sercanmuslu: “Could you give information and date about our Horse saga and the P2E games to be released?”.

Owen: Yes, for Horse Saga there’s one development team who’d like to continue to do the development work for Horse Saga, but this is still in the design phase. And the first Play To Earn game in Matrix ecosystem… this game will be named by Ocean Park. And I think Ocean Park will launch maybe next month, maybe in February. This is the latest information.

Eric: Ok that’s good, so second, about Play To Earn, Ocean Park will be released likely in February of 2022, and if the plan doesn’t change we will update you and the community as well.
And for Horse Saga there’s already one dev team taking this up and they are still in the design stage, and I will ask them to give us updates from time to time for this Horse Saga. And I know many people are thinking about this game, with its UI and also its gameplay, I think that will be very good.
And I think this is an outdated question but I think it is worthwhile to mention it here. We mentioned about having a “Rich List” feature in Tom, “Has it been delivered? (”.

Yes, we have delivered and sorry to have kept you waiting. Because in the beginning we provided the Rich List and then we thought it was not good enough so then we put it on the browser, so you can check the Rich List there. And also it’s updated every day so it’s quite fabulous. So I think this answers your question.

I like the name: SATOSHÄ°MAN-ATO, that’s quite close to Satoshi and also quite close to our MANITO project that Owen just mentioned.
“Hi, I am writing to give you an advice: MAN coin working on artificial intelligence should improve himself in Metaverse as well. You can make applications using artificial intelligence and Metaverse technologies”.

Yes, this is very good and I think Owen when he came up with the annual review, he mentioned that the Metaverse is kind of a strategic area for Matrix in this year. And Owen, could you please answer SATOSHÄ please?

Owen: Yeah that’s a good suggestion, and also the Metaverse will be a very important part in our future plans. I think we will update more information about what we will do in the Metaverse industry. I think we will show the whole plan in the first quarter of this year. And you will get more information then.

Eric: Ok that’s good. And from Sercan again: “Do you have a word about Github updates, which is one of the most asked questions and still no clear answer? Community wondering about it? Why are we not up to date? Why isn’t it constantly updated?”.

I think this question has been addressed by Owen before, we do not have that kind of frequent updates, but we will have updates soon, can you tell us Owen?

Owen: Yeah we will update some of the work on the MANTA part to Github very soon. We will update the part we can do that’s OpenSource to Github maybe in the next 1 or 2 weeks, and the update will be done step by step.

Eric: Ok that’s good. Yeah I got the code for MANTA as well. So yes we will update Github, and officially, always when we have the new copyright is when we release to Github, there is no kind of constant. For example when we have MANTA reaching a certain state then we will update Github ASAP. The way we update Github is not like we have a little bit of code and then we keep updating that. This time I think we have, I forgot the exact number but it’s quite a decent size of code, so we have to update Github in terms of MANTA.
And then we will update it bit by bit to give some space for our community to breathe through.

And then the last question: “Can Matrix establish a technology space like silicon valley in a metaverse project or its own metaverse, and market its own artificial intelligence applications to users? For example MANAS applications and NFT platforms.”.

Yeah, this is the second time we have a question about the Metaverse. I think that the community is quite interested in the Metaverse, and I think Metaverse is a global trend for this Blockchain space as well. So Owen, would you like to share…

Owen: Yeah I think it’s a very interesting advice, it’s not in our plan but we’d like to add this into our Metaverse plan. For our plan we’d like to use the artificial intelligence to offer the services to the users in the Metaverse because in our opinion, I think in the future, if you live in the Metaverse and there are services, most of the services will be supported by the artificial intelligence. So that’s our major target in our Metaverse plan. But this advice I think is very interesting, I think it’s in our plan yeah.

Eric: Okay. Speaking of this, as an insider, and also as a bridge with the community, I know names of a partners approaching us in terms of Metaverse development. Would you like to… I’m not talking about giving too much information that is not yet definitive, could you just share a little bit more about the Metaverse thing that the ecosystem partner is approaching us about?

Owen: Yeah there is something we can share with you. For example, I used to tell you there will be one project name: AIRTIST, right? It’s about AI art. I think in the Metaverse, it’s very different from our real life. I think in the Metaverse, most of the work will not be done by real people, I suppose most of the work will be done by artificial intelligence, such as the art creation. So I think the AIRTIST is a very good project in the NFT industry and is also a very good project for the Metaverse. Because in the Metaverse you will also have the requirement for art. Maybe the music, maybe the painting, maybe you need to change your interest every day in the Metaverse. So I think this design work, or creation work, will be done by artificial intelligence. So I think AIRTIST can do the work perfectly. So AIRTIST will be one of the important parts in our Metaverse plan. That’s what I can share with you.
And about the other parts also, I think in the same way, we’d like to use artificial intelligence to replace people’s work in the Metaverse, so that’s our target.

Eric: Ok so, I think that’s what Owen can share now but I know he knows much more than that, and I think it’s not yet the time that he can share with us yet. So yeah I will be the insider for the community, and then to keep asking these questions.

So Metaverse is quite an important and quite a strategic area for Matrix, and this is our focus.

And our focus is always to deliver. So just stay tuned with all the updates, with all the videos, with all the updates, the article is to get yourself familiar with the project, so you can make any informed decision on anything.

So I think this concludes our AMA for the first AMA of 2022. It’s exciting to see the questions from the community, and also to see the community is quite interested in the Metaverse which is quite in sync with our project team.
Thanks for that, and thank s Owen for your time joining us with your ideas and to address some concerns and questions from the community.
And please community, keep suggesting your own questions so that we can address them. And we’ll organize events for the Chinese New Year and also for the bounty, bounty for the UI, for the wallet, and also for the explorer. Things like that.

Thank you for everyone’s time, and because the Chinese New Year is approaching, it’s just around the corner, I wish everyone [Happy New Year in Chinese].
And I think you can too Owen.

Owen: Yeah thank you Eric, bye bye everyone, see you next time.