Transcript of MATRIX Monthly AMA with CEO Owen Tao

Eric: Good afternoon, my fellow Matrix community members.

Today is the 27th of September and it’s time that we organize our monthly AMA session and as usual we have our CEO Mr. Owen Tao to join this session. So without further ado, let us give a big welcome to our CEO, Owen.

Owen: Hi community, hi Eric. Long time no see.

Eric: We’re used to see via camera because of COVID, so we cannot meet in person. I think this monthly AMA we have two sections.

One is to share the progress according to the roadmap with our community members, and second is to answer some questions from our community.

So, Owen, I’m not sure whether you’re a sports fan or not, but have you watched any sports games recently from the National Games, the Yungdonghui?

Owen: Not, not many, yep.

Eric: And what’s your most favorite one?

Owen: My favorite game is basketball.

Eric: Okay, so you used to be good at that, right, so in Peking campus life?

Owen: Yeah, I have played basketball for over twenty years.

Eric: We cannot tell from your face, okay. You look young, then it’s a so-called twenty years.

Owen: Yeah, I used to get 51 points in one game in my college life, and now every week we keep playing one game with Steve and some other friends together.

Eric: So, Steve? You are referring to Professor Deng, right?

Owen: Yes, Steve is good at basketball.

Eric: Okay. Perhaps we can have a kind of sports competition when the time allows and also when the COVID life is kind of fading out and things like that.

Best wishes to all our community members.

All right, so September is our stage two according to the roadmap and we have the CBD for MANAS and we need to develop something on MANIA and also MANTA.

Would you please enlighten the community, what kind of progress we have achieved so far and what can we offer for the community to test or to feel or to see as a proof or as evidence that we have really delivered what we promised in the roadmap?

Owen: Okay, by the end of September, there will be some great updates in MANAS and MANTA and also MANIA.

For MANAS, the most important update is that at first we added five AI services on that and in the future we will add more and more AI services to this platform and make sure it can be used in every area and for everyone. Also a great update for MANAS is that we have added the API function into this platform. It’s very important for MANAS. At first, the users will not only be able to use the service in MANAS directly. Also the developers can pack our AI services in their apps and pack some of our AI functions into their services. The users can use our services with the third party applications or the protos. Also, the API functions are very important for MANAS, because with the support of the API functions, MANAS can support the large-scale commercial uses. That’s for MANAS.

For MANTA, we really have already finished the last of the development work. I think by the end of the year, we wish MANTA can be launched officially, because with MANTA, the GPU suppliers can get rewards with the MANTA functions. They can support their computing power to the users who need the computing power to support their auto machine learning. They can’t get the rewards without that.

For MANIA, I think it’s very important for Matrix and also for the NFT market, because this is the first time we will introduce the AI models into the NFT market. At Matrix with the MANIA function, you can update your AI models and decentralize the storage and then mint them into NFT. So we can say this is the first time that NFT has the real use available. I’m seeing in the future when MANIA is ready, we will connect MANIA with the Wormhole so then the AI scientists can mint their AI models into NFT to each platform for transactions or for the users to use.

Yeah, that’s all.

Eric: Wow, that’s a lot of progress and that’s very exciting.

Community, just to have a quick summary, for this stage two we have three things.

One is MANAS, second is MANIA and third is MANTA.

For MANAS, basically it’s a platform to have AI applications, and this time we increased the quantity of the AI applications that are trained by us,

because initially we would do that, because we have not many AI scientists to join this platform yet and because we have to launch it.

We have five applications and most important is we have the API functions that are available for all merchants around the world so that they can pick any kind of AI applications from MANAS and they can integrate to their platforms or their services, for example the DeFi, even the traditional e-commerce shops or even education, etc.

So, basically, we have the announcement today inviting the community to join this MANAS test.

Okay, so this was number one.

Number two is we had the MANTA upgrade as well and we will provide some video to showcase the progress, because MANTA is some kind of an algorithm thing, so it’s difficult to demonstrate, so it’s better that we present it in a video format

The third thing is about MANIA, so we are looking to provide a demo for you and then you can upload things to train and then you can generate and you can mint your NFT and those NFTs can be for trading, so this is something interesting for you to test out.

So this is some exciting and very important progress from the project team.

So thanks to Owen and the dev team.

Okay, and then the second thing is, we’re going to answer some questions from the community members.

Okay, so the first question is from Alperen Tonyukuk:

“Will there be a Huobi Global swap?”

Owen: Yes, we are pushing this work, but as you know, the Chinese government has published new policies about cryptocurrencies, especially for the exchanges, so there is big chaos in the Huobi Group right now. So I think that’s why it won’t happen in a short time.

We will continue to push them to finish the swap work as soon as possible.

Eric: So this is something that’s beyond our control, because the cooperation from the Huobi. Now also it requires the so-called political environment to support this, so it makes things even more complicated, but we are looking at getting more exchanges, I mean the top-tier exchanges, like we shared in the previous AMA and that is our target.

Moving on to the second question, that is from Budspencer469.

”The event of Evergrande in China will have any negative impact on Matrix?”

Owen: Till now, we haven’t felt any negative impacts on Matrix. But as we know, Evergrande is a very huge group in China, so we do know how deeply this event will cost to the Chinese economy in the long-term.

So let’s keep our eyes to see what will happen in the next months.

Eric: Yeah, we can see policies coming out from time to time and I mean from the Chinese Mainland. The Chinese kind of got used to such kinds of policies or regulations coming out. But we are looking at such political changes in the Mainland site. And if there’s any impact, it will impact all of the blockchain projects, not just Matrix itself.

The third question is is from amazir07 and is rather simple.

“Are you late on deliveries or will everything be delivered on time?”

Owen: As you know, everything is on schedule, and we will also keep working hard to keep everything on schedule in the future.

Eric: Yeah, just one thing, that we are on schedule, that’s number one and the progress is quite encouraging. as we just shared with you, so that’s stage two, and we will have a video, we will have a test, we have a demo coming up, so just stay tuned.

And then, the fourth question is, recently we published a partnership with Eco Global, and this question is about that and it’s from Chadwin.

“The energy NFTs sounds quite fascinating. What renewable energy sources would this be applied to: wind, solar or geothermal?”

Owen: Okay, that’s an interesting question.

Till now, the NFT, energy NFT in fact, it should be a function of our MANITO platform, because for the industry, we will mint the NFT. At first we will update the machines, take data onto the decentralized storage platform, which is collected by the sensors. Yeah, and after that we can mint them into the NFT. That means if you have NFT, you have the data, so you can use the data. So that’s a very important function of our MANITO. On the other hand, maybe we can find some more use cases for the NFT, such as maybe for the solar industry. Maybe we can mint one.

If you have one solar electrical generator, we can mint that into an NFT, so you can trade it or rent it by NFT exchanges. I think it will give us some more interesting use cases in the near future.

Eric: I see, that’s interesting, so I think there will be more questions about the partnership with Eco Global. So we’re going to organize an AMA section about this partnership anytime, I think next month, so we’ll keep the community updated, just like the AMA with APEX. So just stay tuned and we welcome questions about this partnership.

Due to time, we’re going to have one last question from Faruk.

“Does the Matrix blockchain have any products for DeFi applications?”

Owen: Yes, we’re trying our best to introduce more DeFi products into Matrix.

Maybe in the near future, we will launch a stablecoin platform named APEX. That’s one project which is developed by one team from the Matrix ecosystem and in the future we would like to introduce more and more DeFi applications into our ecosystem and also onto Matrix Mainnet.

Eric: Yes, right, APEX is quite an interesting project that we had in an AMA section earlier this month, so if you wish to know more, you can go back to our Medium or our website for the transcript of that AMA.

So, I think that concludes today’s AMA, Owen.

Thanks for your time

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