User Experience Enhancement

Dear Matrixians,

We keep learning and improving. User Experience is something that we care about, and wish to improve. With this in mind, we have implemented a new user onboarding flow last week. Essentially, It is a new personalized welcome message coupled with a menu which contains the key information of MATRIX that one can click to read through. With the factual information provided, any new members will be able to understand our project better, and thus to increase their bonding to the project. The screen cap of this new user flow is like below :

It is common that matrixians will ask questions about the project. Some of these questions are new, and most of the time, it is repetitive. As part of user experience enhancement, we have prepared a set of FAQ for our Admins and for the Matrixians. Currently, it consist of over 20 questions and you can visit for all questions and answers. It is a working document, and we shall keep editing and adding the repository from time to time.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.