Wallet and Browser Upgrade

As part of deliverables of Stage 1 Roadmap, the project team has deployed upgrades to Wallet and Browser, and we will keep upgrading the functions.

1. Wallet upgrade

It supports the NFT, including the asset management and the Wormhole protocol which is to increase the liquidity of Matrix. It is already deployed.

Specifically, it has the management function of NFT (ERC 721), which the screen cap below is self-explanatory.

The upgrade also includes a cross chain protocol with Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which an introduction and a technical guide have been available at website.

Below screen cap is a self-explanatory step to transfer assets between MATRIX and BSC.

2. Browser update

It supports NFT as well, for example the search and also the transaction logs (See Screen Cap below). It has been deployed.

3. Rationale

We are upgrading the two with a strategic aim of NFT achieving :

a. Better liquidity: Liquidity is a big part of the value of any digital asset. By connecting Matrix Mainnet with other blockchain platforms, we are raising MAN’s value.

b. More interaction with other communities:As assets go from one platform to another, so do new users join MATRIX from other communities.

c. More complete ecosystem: Since MAN can now be used on other platforms, there will be more usage scenarios for MAN, which further boosts MAN’s value and liquidity.

d. Benefits to MANART: NFT is to become a big part of the Matrix ecosystem. Our AI art platform (MANGA) and compute-data-algorithm platform (MANIA) both stand to benefit from a bigger market and better liquidity. We will see Matrix NFT traded on the best NFT trading platforms. As more users join our ecosystem, more AI-based digital assets will be created, laying a solid foundation for MATRIX and MAN.