What Makes Matrix AI Different? (part 1)

In today’s world, AI is developing at an unprecedented rate, and new AI services are popping up every day. As a next-generation AI-powered blockchain service, Matrix is also launching its 2.0 blueprint following the successful completion of Matrix 1.0. Therefore, one may wonder: what advantages does Matrix have over its competitors? We are going to explore this in the article that follows.

Matrix vs Traditional Public Chains

Matrix is set apart from its competitors in the AI and the blockchain industry in a number of ways.

Integration of AI and Blockchain

Different from blockchain projects seeking to ride the AI hype, Matrix is truly dedicated to its ideal of using AI to empower blockchain and blockchain to manage AI, with a view to building an efficient and decentralized AI ecosystem.

To begin with, Matrix has used AI technologies to build an efficient, environment-friendly and secure blockchain platform. Now on top of that, Matrix is taking advantage of this platform to create a decentralized AI ecosystem to facilitate the exchange of decentralized data, computing power and algorithms.

In this ecosystem envisioned by Matrix, AI and blockchain are equally important. The two are fully integrated and interdependent. This is in stark contrast to most competitor projects where either AI or blockchain takes dominance, and the other only plays a secondary role.

AI Consensus Algorithm

The security of blockchain is thanks to its distributed accounting mechanism, and maintaining this system consumes a lot of resources. This is why Bitcoin mining is criticized by governments and environmental organizations. This issue can be solved in two ways: 1. optimizing the consensus encryption algorithm to reduce energy waste, and 2. optimizing the consensus mechanism to reduce computing power waste.

Matrix hopes to use MCMC (Markov chain Monte Carlo) to take the place of hash algorithms. Like hash, MCMC is a result convergence algorithm where results can be verified. But different from hash, MCMC is suited for wide adoption by the AI industry. MCMC could be the perfect hash replacement, although there is still a long way to go. But even before that happens, Matrix is already employing an optimized hash solution in its current version. Matrix’s consensus encryption algorithm adopts an AI+hash hybrid algorithm. Although this doesn’t eliminate the energy waste of hash computing, it does make Matrix’s mining and accounting beneficial to society. Current Matrix AI services such as facial recognition and license plate reading are all based on this hybrid algorithm.