What Makes Matrix AI Different? (part 4)

Matrix vs Decentralized AI Platforms
A Complete Ecosystem

Compared with the average decentralized AI platform, Matrix provides a complete ecosystem of solutions for building AI services. The multidimensional big data platform supports AI scientists’ demand for data; MANTA provides scientists with affordable computing power; MANIA help scientists authenticate their works; MANAS delivers their services to businesses and customers for commercial use. All this, combined with an open platform, will create endless opportunities.

An Easy-to-Use AI Creation Platform

MANTA, a platform recently launched for beta testing, is the world’s first auto-machine learning platform. Thanks to the platform, the ownership and usage rights of users’ data can now be separated for better protection, More importantly, AutoML will help AI scientists improve the efficiency of their workflow, creating more and better algorithms and services under the same cost. This will attract more AI scientists to the Matrix ecosystem and more AI algorithms and applications onto MANAS.


NFT is a trending topic these days, and Matrix has taken the innovative approach of integrating AI algorithms with NFTs. This way, the works of AI algorithm scientists can be converted into digital assets stored onchain, which can then be used by or traded among community members. This solution guarantees the protection of AI intellectual properties and also boosts the liquidity and value of algorithms. Most importantly, this also marks the first time NFTs with practical value are created.


Matrix has a unique edge over competitors in three ways:

1. High quality source materials (computing power and data) for algorithm scientists;

2. Fewer barriers for AI algorithm creation thanks to AutoML, thus better and more diverse services;

3. An open platform with endless possibilities.

Matrix is pioneering the integration of AI and blockchain, and it will only be a matter of time before Matrix becomes a giant in both industries.