MANAS (Stage 3 Roadmap) Release

In the Stage 3 roadmap, 10 AI application should be available on MANAS for use. In the stage 2 roadmap, 5 AI application were released and tested by Community at Stage 2, namely,

1. Facial Keypoint Recognition,

2. Identity Recognition,

3. Plants Recognition,

4. Animal Recognition plus

5. Credit Card Recognition

This time, we have another 5 applications to be released this time. These 5 applications are :

1. Landmark Recognition,

2. Logo Recognition,

3. Fruit Recognition,

4. Handwriting Recognition, and

5. Number Recognition

Among the five, Logo and Landmark Recognition may deserve more attention of yours since they can be popular in the era of Metaverse.

For more information about MANAS, please visit the links below :

1. MANAS Article (Link 1, 2, 3, and 4)

2. MANAS FAQ (Link)

3. MANAS Procedure (Link)

MANAS is an integral part of MATRIX 2.0. It will be released on 5 January. You are most welcome to join this release by writing an email stating your interest to latest by 5 Jan. As usual, an account loaded with MAN will be sent to you to use these 10 AI applications.

Enjoy the decentralized AI economy with MATRIX.