Data, Computing, and Blockchain: The Fates of Metaverse (3)

AI: Indigenous Inhabitants of the Metaverse

As one of the core pillars of the Metaverse, AI serves to maintains system stability and creates high-quality content to give people an immersive experience.

The Metaverse in turn is also the ideal environment for training AI models. This is because the Metaverse will contain large quantities of data that have been marked. These data are high-quality and directional, making them suitable for deep learning and machine learning. Moreover, the Metaverse is home to an endless variety of digital environments and countless users, which provides AI with instantaneous feedback and direction. In this sense, AI programs are the indigenous inhabitants of the Metaverse.

At the same time, people in the Metaverse will need services and content to consume in quantities exceeding what we can create for ourselves. We can confidently predict that most such content and services will come from AI.

Matrix has come up with a perfect framework of positive re-enforcement for the coexistence of AI and humanity. As the Metaverse develops, this ecosystem will also self-improve and develop into the most important indigenous inhabitant and service provider in the Metaverse.

Matrix: The Provider of Infrastructure Solutions for the Metaverse

From the core value of the Metaverse to the driving force for its growth, from its network infrastructure to the social benefits it creates, all these essential elements have completed the evolution to 1.0. Now we are knocking at the door to 2.0, and Matrix already holds the key in its palm. In this sense, the future which Matrix envisioned at its foundation in 2016 is a testament to its foresight.

Matrix’s forward-looking ways aren’t just evident when it comes to Metaverse infrastructure. Other technologies essential for the Metaverse, digital twin, for instance, have already been employed by Matrix for a long time. Matrix has many years of experience in China’s railway and defense industries. The biometric identification Matrix is developing could be the Metaverse’s only DID solution in the future.

The future of the Metaverse is beyond our imagination, and step by step, Matrix will eventually come into its own as a trustworthy infrastructure solution provider for the Metaverse.

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