Updates keep coming up

As part of the Stage 4 deliverables, the Cross-chain platforms enabling asset transfer using NFT has been ready.

There is a guide for ETH-based trading, which can be found https://www.matrix.io/blog/MANIA_AI-Assisted_NFT_Trading_125.html.

Binance Smart Chain is another most active NFT trading platform. We use BSC’s featured market to support MANIA’s algorithm trading. You can refer to https://www.matrix.io/blog/MANIA_AI-Assisted_NFT_Trading_126.html for a text guide showing how to trade on BSC network before. Apart from it, there is a video demonstration too, which can be accessed at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaL6WYNh7Ag&t=15s. Please enjoy.

In this stage, to enable this function, we have upgrade couple fundamental matters from the back-end covering :

1. Upgraded the Mainnet’s IPFS port and NFT protocol to support cross-chain minting and transfer to mainstream blockchain platforms;

2. Upgraded the Matrix Mainnet’s IPFS protocol to support data storage;

3. Upgraded the IPFS port of the Matrix Mainnet to support minting data into NFT on different blockchain platforms.

The arrival of MANIA is significant for Matrix, for the AI industry and for the NFT market.


All functions of MANIA, including authentication, minting NFTs, etc. will require MAN for settlement. This will boost MAN’s liquidity and value. An effective solution for protecting intellectual property will attract more AI scientists into the Matrix ecosystem to create more original algorithm models. Mature algorithm models can be authenticated and used to mint NFT. All this will attract more users into the Matrix ecosystem.

2. For the AI Industry

MANIA’s greatest contribution to the AI industry is consolidating the value foundation of the AI market. When AI scientists no longer worry about their intellectual property getting stolen, they will be more motivated than ever to create. This will help create a more dynamic ecosystem and ultimately make for the Cambrian explosion of the AI industry.

3. For NFT

MANIA will mark the beginning of a new type of asset which carries economic and social value, in contrast to traditional artwork or in-game item NFTs that are priced only for their artistic value. By converting AI algorithms into NFTs, MANIA will immensely expand the user base of NFT and solidify its value foundation. This will truly set off the explosive growth of the NFT market.

Enjoy the adventure with MATRIX.